We are Malabo

The Malabo Group specializes in creative industries including fashion, arts, media and entertainment, with the aim of presenting a vibrant and positive Africa.

Diamonds & Pearls

MALABO was formally established in October 2012 to promote DR Congo’s best gems: its artists. The country is awash with artists in the largest sense of the word, raw, pure talent at every corner. Whether in the hustle and bustle of the capital city Kinshasa, or in the hills of Goma, or in the mineral-induced heat of Lubumbashi, we dare to say that the country is also an “artistic scandal”. When we started in 2012, we were involved in music, mainly collaborating and working with the late Papa Wemba.

In April 2014, we bought our first painting, a 100-cm square piece made by young Congolese artist Mbela Mambueni. Several weeks later, we teamed up with Wess Itshiri, another gem. Since then our family has grown, you will discover them on our website.

But if our heart is in Congo, we are keeping our eyes open to other African artists, across this vast continent of 54 nations, not only painters, but all artistic expressions-that’s our definition of the African union.