Malabo Gallery

Featuring paintings by Doudou Mbemba, Wess Itshiri, Mbela Mambueni, Tresor Kudimbana, and photography by Magloire Mpaka.


Born in Kinshasa, itis natural that Kinshasa, with its 16 million souls, is his playground, his muse, where he tries to capture the history, the daily triumphs and tribulations of people and things. He’s part of a new generation of Congolese photograph who has decided that his camera is his microphone to contribute to the advancement of the society. His most recent works included a series on Congolese history and the role of memory.


With his studio across the street from the Academie des Beaux-Arts de Kinshasa, Kinshasa’s fine arts school and DR Congo’s oldest and most prestigious arts institution, Congolese artist Doudou Mbemba has found his inspiration from the hustle-and-bustle that epitomizes Kinshasa, a city of close to 16 million residents, slated to be one of the world’s most populous cities in 2050.


Wess Tata Itshiri is not an artistic photocopy of his father. If the father’s style is rather dark and sinister, Wess’ style reflects hope and energy, two of the most important ingredients to the daily life of millions of young Congolese, young Africans living in the continent.


Mbela is expressing his talents through strokes of acrylic to depict, arguably, the two most important actors on our planet Earth: humans and animals- or are they really two distinct actors? On one side, there are “human” faces, portrayed using a style that resembles a puzzle, a patchwork of colors. 


With Tresor, there is colour, many colours, patterns and patterns in the patterns; there are lines that are never straight – surprising for a carpenter! – all this forming the peaceful, multi-faceted Human Being: complex and orderly, warm and thoughtful, timid and visionary, a little like each of the seven billion humans that we are.

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